Banana Bag XL


Large crossbody Banana Bag in Ultramarine. Made of a high-quality, thick, waterproof (100% cotton) canvas. Closes with a large zipper that runs side to side. Ornamental bow tie on the side. Lined with 100% cotton, inside logo. Fits your everyday belongings: phone, wallet, keys and more (including a bottle of water). 

*Our campaign shoot was shot on film, so the color of the bag is softer in these images. Color is accurate in iPhone s

hots (the darker, deeper blue). 

Handmade in Barcelona, Spain. 

Measurement (56cm x 8cm x 24cm). Shoulder strap ±75cm.



what we do

Our main focus is creating bags that are comfortable to wear; bags that are subtle and modest, so you will love them for a long time to come. Our brand can be seen as a process in trying to come to the essence of what a timeless, simple and comfortable bag means to us and, more importantly, our customers.