Banana Bag XL


Large crossbody Banana Bag in Ultramarine. Made of a high-quality, thick, waterproof (100% cotton) canvas. Closes with a large zipper that runs side to side. Ornamental bow tie on the side. Lined with 100% cotton, inside logo. Fits your everyday belongings: phone, wallet, keys and more (including a bottle of water). 

*Our campaign shoot was shot on film, so the color of the bag is softer in these images. Color is accurate in iPhone shots (the darker, deeper blue). 

Handmade in Barcelona, Spain. 

Measurement (56cm x 8cm x 24cm). Shoulder strap ±75cm.



what we do

Our main focus is creating bags that are comfortable to wear; bags that are subtle and modest, so you will love them for a long time to come. As a brand we are trying to come to the essence of what a timeless, simple and comfortable bag means to us and, more importantly, to our customers.