Gift card


Please contact us at to arrange a personal gift card! 

You can choose any amount you want to give and we can provide you with a digital card or a physical card, that comes with a personalized code that can be used in our webshop check-out!

Gift cards can't be purchased in the webshop, only via email! Send us an email with the following details: the amount you want to gift + name of the receiver

We will get back to you with further instructions. Payments are preferably made via bank transfer. Once we've received your payment, the webshop code will be activated! 

what we do

Our main focus is creating bags that are comfortable to wear; bags that are subtle and modest, so you will love them for a long time to come. Our brand can be seen as a process in trying to come to the essence of what a timeless, simple and comfortable bag means to us and, more importantly, our customers.