Our story

NONA makes non-seasonal, minimalist bags and jewelry for modern day life. Founded in Antwerp (BE) in 2017, NONA is a brand by Anona van der Linde. Our design studio is currently based in Rotterdam (NL).



'I like it when a bag becomes an extension of my body - as if it’s part of me. That’s why I prefer a no-fuss design, just some nice details and beautiful raw leather. A bag should blend in with the rest of you, as if it’s a piece of clothing.'

The brand originated with the need for simple, good quality, no-fuss leather bags. No screaming logos, no over the top decorations or finishings, just beautiful raw leather and a strong design.  

Our design process happens very organically; and in this process we try to listen to our customers needs and get them involved. We don't work with seasonal collections because we want to avoid overproduction and because we strongly believe in timeless items, made for women who know and own their style. We're continuously building a core collection of modern classics. Over time, these bags will be released in new, small quantity colors. New designs will be added to our core collection and old designs will be archived. Every once in a while we'll drop one of our bags in a limited edition color; these bags are handcrafted in our own atelier.  

Slow fashion 

We choose to work non-seasonal and only produce our bags in small quantities. We stand for timeless, good quality bags - at an honest price. We design our bags this way because we want them to be worn (a lot!) and to be loved. We feel that it’s very important and necessary for everybody to take responsibility towards a sustainable future and think about what you buy, how much you buy, where it comes from and how it’s been made.

We've made it our challenge to design bags that are simple and comfortable enough that you want to wear them on a daily basis. 

Working ethically is something that is on the top of our minds. We started out making all the bags in our own atelier in Antwerp; on a made to order basis. This way, we only made what was necessary and didn't have any leftover stock. Because the brand was growing, we've teamed up with a small production company in Barcelona, Spain. Every single one of our bags is handcrafted in a small scale atelier, under good working conditions. The *limited edition* pieces are all made in our own atelier.

We chose Spain because they have a rich history in leatherwork. Our leather is also sourced in the area of Barcelona, Spain. This way we can minimize transportation costs and we keep all our material sourcing and production within Europe. 

Because we only produce in small quantities and because we create non-seasonal, timeless items, we don't do a big sale at the end of each season. Sometimes we do a flash sale on IG Stories and offer items at a lower price because this item will be archived and we want to make room for new items. Keep an eye on our Instagram (stories) or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about special offers. 

We don’t want any of our leather and other materials to go to waste - we try to be very conscious about this and only buy and use what is necessary. We personally pack and ship all our items in eco-friendly paper and carton - no plastic. For packing our shipments, we also re-use paper that was used in the shipments from our manufacturer in Spain to us. It would be great if you would recycle the paper and carton that was used for your shipment :)  


Our collections

Get to know our collections! We offer a core collection of timeless, non-seasonal bags that are here to stay. These bags are re-stocked throughout the seasons. These are mainly our bestseller items in neutral colors (for instance the Fanny Pack Black, the Box Bag Cream). Our core collection is manufactured in Barcelona, Spain. These bags are all made from leather that is sourced in Spain. 

Next to our core collection we offer our limited edition bags. These bags are made in our own atelier in Holland. Our limited editions are made from small pieces of leather that are sourced in local leather shops. Because these bags are made from small (one of a kind or deadstock) pieces of leather, there are only limited quantities available and they can't always be re-stocked. If you have your eye on one of our sold out limited edition colors; you can reach out to us (info@nonahandbags.com) for a custom order and we can see if we can buy more leather of the same color. 


We’re proud to announce that we have expanded NONA with handcrafted silver jewelry! Together with my sister, Ninian van der Linde, who's a professional goldsmith and who makes the pieces, we've created a collection of statement ear pieces.

We wanted to create a range of minimalist, timeless items. The pieces can be worn individually, as a pair, or mixed and matched - whatever you prefer. Clean and elegant but with a bold edge. Starting point for our designs were the same geometrical shapes that we have been using for the designs of our bags. Rectangular, circular and triangular shapes and lines.

All pieces will be made to order in our own studio in Holland. We have most items in stock, if we don't, you're jewelry will be made to order, please allow 7-10 production time. 

All our jewelry comes with a handmade leather jewelry bag. We make these little bags ourselves from leftover scraps of leather from our bag production. The jewelry bags come in different colors and will be given randomly with each order - if you prefer to receive a certain color that you've seen in our stories or posts; please send us an email with your preference! 



We hope that when you buy a NONA item, you've made a mindful decision. You know that the product has been made with love and care. 

For questions about our brand: we will be happy to answer them! Feel free to contact us: info@nonahandbags.com


Much love!