Taking care of your bag

NONA bags are made of different types of leather. Leather is a natural product, it's subject to small imperfections, like scars and grains. And because our bags are all handmade, each bag is a 100% unique. 

Please keep in mind that leather is sensitive to light, heat and liquids. If your bag is wet from the rain, give it time to dry naturally; don’t expose it to sunlight or dry it in front of the heating. Color and feel of the leather may change over time.


Smooth leather

It's advised to apply a protectant spray before using your bag for the first time. There are waterproof and dirt repellent sprays available for different types of leather. For our grained and semi-vegetable tanned leathers we advise a spray for smooth leather. If you use the bag daily, make sure to repeat this often. 

For smooth leathers; use a damp cloth to clean your bag every so often. If you have a stain, try to remove it using a cotton cloth or tissue and clean with a damp cloth afterwards. To keep the leather supple and prevent it from drying out, use a small amount of colorless leather wax to condition your bag every 2 months or so. 

Suede & Nubuck

Suede and nubuck leathers need a different treatment; there are special suede and nubuck brushes and cleaning sticks available to maintain the leather and to help with stains.  

It's advised to apply a protectant spray before using your bag for the first time. For our suede and nubuck bags you're advised to use a special spray for suede and nubuck. Always try out on a small (back) part of the bag to see how the spray effects the leather. Repeat using a protectant spray about every 6 weeks. 

Suede and nubuck leathers are more sensitive to liquids, so be aware when you use this bag in heavy rain! Always let the bag dry naturally. 

Jewelry care

To prevent from oxidation, store your silver jewelry in a cool, dry place. Use your jewelry bag to keep the jewelry protected. Please keep in mind that they are delicate pieces, handle with care.